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Join Us For Ashburn's Premier Extraction And Wisdom Teeth Removals

Don’t let damaged and decayed teeth cause you pain for years and years. Come see us here at Dulles Life Smiles and take advantage of our professional extraction and wisdom teeth removal services. We’re offering skilled removal procedures that can address your issue once and for all.

Our dentists are proud to offer years of experience addressing a wide range of dental extraction needs. Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about everything we have to offer here in Ashburn.

Why Would I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Whether it’s an issue with overgrown wisdom teeth or a struggle with pain caused by damaged teeth, it can be tough to know on your own whether extraction might be the best fit for you.

That’s why our team here at Dulles Life Smiles offers comprehensive consultations where we’ll analyze your overall oral health and provide you with the best path forward.

Ignoring damaged and decayed teeth and lead to severe pain and even gum disease in some cases. Likewise, wisdom teeth gone unchecked can lead to shifting through your second molars and misaligned teeth as your mouth works to make room.

There are a few common reasons that you may need to have one or more of your teeth extracted:
  • Wisdom Teeth: The wisdom teeth are a natural part of your mouth, but they often grow into your mouth improperly, which can cause damage to your teeth and other oral health complications, so many patients opt to have them removed when they emerge between the age of 17-25.
  • Oral Disease: Serious oral diseases like gum disease, tooth decay, or an infected tooth can require you to have one or more teeth extracted.
  • Dental Trauma: Major dental trauma from a slip and fall, car accident, or a hard hit in a contact sport can damage your tooth. In some cases, extracting and replacing the tooth may be the best option for restoring your smile.

Gentle Extractions For Troublesome Teeth

If you have a severely damaged tooth or a wisdom tooth that's erupting improperly, Dr. Gino is here to help with tooth extractions in Ashburn.

Basic Tooth Extractions

Basic tooth extractions are used for teeth that are not impacted, and have fully erupted in the socket. Dr. Gino will begin by cleaning* and numbing the treatment area. Then, the tooth will be wiggled loose in the socket using a “dental elevator.” Once it has been sufficiently loosened, Dr. Gino will pull it out using a pair of dental forceps.

Then, the area will be cleaned and disinfected, and sutured shut for proper healing. This process usually takes only about 5 minutes per tooth, and will be repeated if you’re having multiple teeth extracted.

*ADA CODE D1110 or D1120. Not Valid in cases of Periodontal Disease.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

If a wisdom tooth is not fully erupted or a damaged tooth has broken off at the gumline, a basic extraction can’t be used, and a surgical extraction is required instead.

In this procedure, an incision is made in the gums after they’ve been cleaned and numbed. Then, Dr. Gino will use this incision to access the tooth structure. The tooth will be cut into pieces and extracted piece-by-piece. Once the entire tooth has been removed, the area will be cleaned and stitched shut to promote healing.

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    There’s no need to put off your tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal. We’re here to provide you with trusted care and dedicated service through any procedure.

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